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The beginning

I.Q. Systems (Pvt) Ltd. was founded in 1999 as a Limited Liability Company registered and based in Sri Lanka to undertake Factory Automation and Control System Solutions.

Our Strengths
Headed by its founders, I.Q. Systems (Pvt) Ltd. has gathered a formidable team of technical personnel and equipped itself to handle any challenge in Industrial Control Engineering and Building Control Engineering.

Products We Represent
I. Q. Systems is proud to quote that it represents some prestigious products coming from industry leaders.

  • MAC Valves Inc. (USA)- Pneumatic Valves
  • Banner Engineering Corporation (USA)- Sensor Solutions
  • GE Fanuc (USA)- PLC and software
  • Eurotherm Controllers (UK)- Process control and Monitoring Equipment
  • Vacon Plc. (Finland)- AC Variable Speed Drives
  • Onity (TESA Entry Systems)(USA)- Electronic Guestroom Solutions
  • POLOPLAST GMBH & CO. KG (Germany)- Noise Insulated Piping Systems
  • Stern Engineering (Israel)- Sensor Operated faucets

, are some of our principals who were behind our success.

Eager in becoming trustful business partners in progress
From the very beginning company did not want any ordinary clients but was so eager in becoming extraordinary, trustful, business partners in progress.
Our strong commitment to high quality work, attention and care not only during sales but also after sales which we consider as the most critical stage in our sales process, and efforts to assure full customer satisfaction through over delivering our promises, have put ourselves in a top position to proudly quote that we have successfully achieved our goals. (Refer our clients section)

Youngster at present
Today, the company has become a leading system integrator in Sri Lanka, providing customized Automation Systems & Solutions ranging from the simplest to the complex for most of the country’s leading institutions through expanding it’s operation to design, supply, installation & maintenance of all types of Industrial & Commercial Automation System, and Controls, to take entire Factory & Building Automation System Solution and Responsibility under one umbrella.

Further to cater our business partner’s demand of a single source providing total solutions, we are diversifying our business to different paths. We have already commenced a Plumbing Service which will take care of your plumbing requirements from day-to-day breakdowns in domestic plumbing systems to design, installation and maintenance of total plumbing systems in new or re-constructions.

We look forward to cherish you with our unmatched service in the Civil Engineering Solutions very soon.