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About us

I.Q. Systems (Pvt) Ltd

specialize in Building Services Engineering Solutions of MEP & ELV from concept to consultancy, design, implementation and maintenance, focusing on Energy Cost Optimization, Control and Safety, representing world renowned Brands & Solutions, being the Authorized System Integrator for several and have a team of trained certified engineers for all services provided.

About Company

I.Q. Systems (Pvt) Ltd is a limited liability company based in Sri Lanka having commenced business 18 years ago in 1999 focusing on Industrial Automation Solutions.

We have thereafter progressed to be a “trusted partner in progress” to all our clients with the capability of undertaking from consultancy to design, installation & maintenance, including professional project management of all types of Commercial, Mechanical, Electrical and ELV System Solutions under one umbrella.

We pride in our formidable team of technical personnel, trained by foreign principals, our knowhow & equipment, to take-up any challenge ahead of us.

Our company’s uniqueness is in exceeding clients requirements, utilizing latest techniques with concern for the environment and supporting our clients in achieving their environmental  aims.

We undertake technical challenges of any magnitude with our self-reliance in

  • Personnel – both Technical & Administrative
  • Technical knowhow with foreign principal training

  • World class brand representations

  • Tools & equipment

  • Strength in finance

  • Continuous training

  • Culture that provide our client the best deal
  • Our consortium with other engineering solution providers, professionals & consultants

I.Q. Systems’ highly skilled, well-trained and experienced technical staff will provide our clients with custom-built high-tech solutions from Design to Implementation and Maintenance.

I.Q. Systems is equipped with most modern equipment and machine tools and our staff is well trained in their usage.

I.Q. Systems is IT savvy, using computer-aided techniques in all our designs for maintaining flexibility & accuracy, and are capable of designing object oriented software packages for controller applications, low & high level system interfacing, graphic development and system optimization.

specialize in Building Services Engineering Solutions of MEP & ELV from concept to consultancy, design, implementation and maintenance, focusing on Energy Cost Optimization, Control and Safety, representing world renowned Brands & Solutions.


To continuously move forward in becoming the foremost leader in providing Industrial & Building Control Engineering solution in Sri Lanka


To undertake customized Industrial & Building Control Engineering business with a focus on achieving enhanced energy management, maximizing environmental benefit and meeting every aspect of customer requirement with reliability and user-friendliness

To develop and maintain effective management processes that stresses productivity, perpetual organizational development and instilling work ethics in all personnel with recognizing those who contribute to our growth

To build value for the organization in becoming a unique and distinct firm

Our Future

Our corporate philosophy is focused on sustained profitability & growth through concern for our clients, employees and all stakeholders, creating a physical reality that can be touched & felt, being ready to take-on all challenges that come our way

Our Corporate Values

  • People – investing in highly skilled professionals, provide opportunities for training & self-development
  • Commitment – being firmly committed to the timely delivery of quality solutions

  • Integrity & Trust – our legacy of maintaining the highest integrity & transparency for complete trust of our clients

  • Adaptability & Flexibility – design & implement custom- built tailor made solutions to meet & exceed client requirements with complete adaptability & flexibility

  • Continuous Learning – considering learning as on-going & ensuring that our solutions are with the latest technology

  • Customer Satisfaction – firmly believing and being committed right though the entire organization that work is never complete without the final nod of approval by our client

These values have encouraged our clients to revert to us time & again and also to recommend us to others, opening new avenues for the future.

Our Environment Policy

I.Q. Systems is committed to providing solutions that foster & provide a positive attitude to the conservation and enhancement of the environment, supporting our client’s to achieve annual environmental aims, encouraging all our employees to take responsibility for environmental protection within their own sphere of responsibility and providing necessary financial resources

Our Health & Safety Policy

I.Q. Systems’ stringently drives “Safety Programs” throughout the entire organization, establishing the concept that people and property are the most important corporate assets, whether it’s of our company or that of our client, and the conservation thereof has the highest priority, support and participation of the entire company. This maintains in our employees a continuing awareness of safety habits and techniques throughout the entire organization and in our work.