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Project Management


We at I.Q. Systems endeavor to achieve the highest Efficiency and Effectiveness in Project Management on any project undertaken by us and have the strength and confidence to meet all primary challenge of project management to achieve all project goals within the given constraints in scope , time, quality  and budget.

Our team is well experienced in the practice of initiating, planning, executing, controlling, and closing the work achieving specific goals and meeting specific success criteria within the specified time and cost.

Our engineers, technicians and support staff at I.Q. Systems are cross-trained across tools, technologies & disciplines, made accountable for works assigned to them and bear the fullest capability of a well-rounded perspective of executing projects successfully, and also in providing feed-back on design and implementation flaws and oversights to increase the probability of project success.

We by habit look for value engineering options in all projects to pass on the benefit of same in design, efficiency and cost to the client.

Additionally, our entire staff is well trained and exceptionally capable in working harmoniously and in coordination with other people involved in the project as project managers, designers, contractors, sub-contractors, etc for successful achievement of project success.